About Our Shoes

Squeaky Shoes for babies, toddlers, and children from Hop’n’Squeak

Hop’n’Squeak believes in protecting precious growing feet so we have sourced and designed a range of squeaky shoes that require no width fitting but ensure comfort and breathability in every beautiful shoe.

Our squeaky shoes have butter soft leather lining allowing feet to breath. The removable squeak encourages walking with ‘heel to toe’ action and the flexibility to remove the squeaker as you see fit for every and any occasion.

As our shoes are designed with wriggle room, an adjustable fastening and flexible soles you can let your little ones enjoy and giggle with every hop and squeak.

Hop’n’Squeak is the UK’s main company specialising in beautifully designed squeaky shoes.


Only the best for our toddlers

  • Our specially designed squeaker promotes body awareness and will encourage crawlers to their feet;
  • Butter-soft leather lining provides breath-ability and comfort for those busy little feet (did you know babies’ feet sweat twice as much as adults’ feet?);
  • Built in wriggle room offers space for toes to spread without compromising fit;
  • We have chosen the highest quality flexible rubber soles for all our shoes ensuring your child’s feet are protected whilst not restricting movement;
  • The way that our squeaky shoes are designed a baby or toddler steps on air and forces it through the ‘squeaker’ which produces the squeaky sound. As a result your child is literally ‘walking on air’;
  • Velcro fasteners offer easy access and a flexible fit.

You will always know where your little one is.
Let them explore; the squeak will tell you where they are.
Great for shopping trips and busy places.


How to care for your Hop’n’Squeak shoes

At The Beach

Be careful not to let your child wear our Hop’n’Squeak squeaky shoes in water or sand. If sand or water enters the “squeaker”, the plastic piece that vibrates may become dislodged and no longer squeak. Should this happen, please contact us and we will instruct you on how to repair the squeaker.


The squeaker from our Hop’n’Squeak shoes can be removed by an adult. When you are ready for your little boy or girl to “squeak” again, simply replace the squeaker in the heel of the shoe.

This squeaker can be a choking hazard. Although the squeaker is secure it is recommended that you check it regularly to ensure it does not become loose. You could add a small amount of glue to the squeaker to keep it safely in place.

Never take the squeaker out with your teeth! We do not want the children to imitate you and choke on it!

Be careful to put the “squeaker” in a safe place, away from small children.


Winners of the Bizziebaby Silver Award 2014

bizziebaby silver award winners 2014